Mortar Mortar

Inverse Jenga with sticky physics

Mortar Mortar is a physics based repair game developed for the Global Game Jam 2020 in 48 hours. The goal of the game is to add building blocks to a tower without destroying it. The blocks are shot through a canon. You can define the direction and angle of the canon to try to destabilize the tower as little as possible.

The project was created for the Global Game Jam 2020 at InnoGames. The game won second place in the voting. With 48 hours development time and a team of three, the timeframe was very tight. The game still delivers nine different levels and gameplay of about thirty minutes. Mortar Mortar was developed with Unity 3D 2019.3 and the Universal Render Pipeline for Windows, Mac, Linux and WebGL




Johannes Deml

3D & Design

Lukas Büffel

Sound Design

Artem Fritzsch

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