Bleib warm, Pinguin!

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

In Spring 2018 we were invited by Bundeszentrale für politsche Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education) to join their game jam on the topic “Discriminated, excluded, radicalized? What can we do to prevent radicalization?”

Our approach: Keep your local radicals warm. Drag the unhappy penguins from the brink of the ice shelf back into the middle of the colony to keep them warm and prevent the ice shelf from flipping.

In the bar camp sessions, we identified the danger of radicalisation, sparked in citizen pushed to the edge of society. As we trust in the power of interaction to influence people’s behaviours, we designed Bleib warm, Pinguin as a game, which high emphasizes the identification and reintegration of unhappy or mad people back in the community.





Nikolai Reinke
Johannes Deml

Sound Design

Jan von Meppen

Character Design

Kasia Kohl

Character Animation

Eva Hambach

3D & Design

Andreas Gaschka

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