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November 28th, 2018
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Trip through the Vaporwave and do the Exit – Marbloid is a 3D marble runner like no other! Play the restless mind of an entrepreneur, captured in a magic marble, on its journey to the ultimate goal: The Exit!

Marbloid is an addicting 3D Tilt & Tap marble runner for iPhone and iPad. The player’s goal is to collect one billion points and reach the golden elevator to a better life. They accomplish this by controlling a marble trough a randomly generated 3D world, full of marble and Vaporwave.

Marbloid is an unseen mix of a marble game and an endless-runner featuring a simple yet powerful control system: Tilt & Tap. It fuses the easy to use single axis control with the fun of a one tapper: Play Marbloid single handed. The endless levels of Marbloid are procedural generated from a pool of over 100 hand crafted segments to explore, learn and master. The individual parts are rich in variety and feature smooth curves, rhythmic jumps sections, thrilling downhills, emojis, jumps, rails, speed-pads, portals and junctions. Thirty ranks composed of three missions each challenge the players with varied tasks. On their journey to collect the billion points the players will travel through six colourful worlds to beat the game.


  • Casual Core – Enjoy this chilled as well as thrilling marble gaming experience. Explore and master the procedural levels filled with downhills, rhythmic jump sections, powerful speed pads, chilling rails, portals and more to discover.
  • Tilt & Tap – This is true mobile gaming: Tilt to steer and tap to jump. The input design is simple, intuitive and precise. Play single handed in portrait mode.
  • VAPORWAVE AESTHETICS – Travel through six different worlds inspired by Greek busts, 90s tech companies, holograms and dolphins. Listen to the original interactive soundtrack composed by Donovan Hikaru & Eyeliner aka. Disasteradio feat. FrankJavCee and sound design by Michael Fakesch & Nikolai von Sallwitz. Headphones recommended!
  • To the moon – Feel the thrill of an entrepreneur starting up. Accumulate one billion points to beat the game. Play save or go all in to grow your multiplier for an even bigger yield – Do you take the risk?
  • Invest and grow – Collect emojis to upgrade your power-ups and unlock unique marbles with custom perks. 30 ranks with exciting missions will keep you busy for weeks.
  • Play premium – Marbloid is a premium game with no ads, in app purchases or annoying push messages. Buy once and play forever. Marbloid is a Universal App: Play on your iPhone and iPad and sync your progress via iCloud.


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Tilt & Tap

Tilt & Tap – This is true mobile gaming: Tilt to steer and tap to jump. To keep the gameplay simple and accessible, the controls are streamlined to left/right and jump. We put a lot effort into the precise and direct feeling of the controls and went through many iterations with our testers to find the sweet spot of the tilt input sensitivity. Some clever programming tricks make the input feel tight, super precise and reliable.

The Start Up metaphor

Marbloid is a metaphor for the start-up culture: Young entrepreneurs found a company to grow and sell it to accomplish the exit, the sale of their start-up. They set out for a challenging road along the brink of failure. Being part of the generation Y, they are masters of adaption and erratic curriculum vitae. Emojis are their universal language. The breakdown is part of their culture. Venture capital will be acquired and burned. Only a few paths lead to the apex of success. This narrative was our core foundation, which inspired us to shape the feeling, style and goal of Marbloid. To finally sell a unicorn start-up is a long road full of difficult decisions. In Marbloid the levels branch and it’s up to the players which direction they want to go. It’s up to the players, if they want to save the points of their run by entering an exit or if they want to go for a bigger multiplier. The further the players progress within the games ranks, we reward them with higher multiplier, which leads to an exponential growth of points they can accumulate with a single run. The sky is the limit. The start-up world cultivates the failure. A crash is not the end but part of the journey. The players will fall of the track often, but we designed the re-entry into a new run as smooth and as quick as possible, so they can focus on their next goal.

Vaporwave Aesthetics

The busy start-up world as a metaphor for a casual core arcade gameplay asked for an exceptional art design. We dived deep into the Interwebs to be inspired by eclectic mix of Greek busts, 90s tech companies, holograms and dolphins: VAPORWAVE AESTHETICS. Vaporwave is an artform and music microgenre emerged from the internet over the last five years. It’s rooted in net-art and plunderphonics and the first truly globalized art-movement and merge visuals and music into a new cultural expression. It romanticizes advertising videos, malls and technology of the outgoing millennium as a utopian past. Artifacts such as VHS tapes and office palms symbolize the belief in progress of the first dot-com bubble and, accompanied by down-loaded jazz funk, formulate a novel consumer criticism. The genre is inspired by a nostalgic fascination for the tangible digital of a pre-touchscreen era in which the Internet was still seen as an opportunity and not as a universal surveillance machine. Vaporware mirrors both corporate consumerism and the faith in technology as well as the modern net meme culture. Marbloid carries off the players into a world of marble, Excel spreadsheets and room palms, contrasted with the images of digital underground cultures, as on Tumblr and Reddit are found. Glitch effects, Holopunk and Photoshop transparency grids reveal to the player the digital nature of Marbloid. The hypnotic original soundtrack composed by Donovan Hikaru and Eyeliner aka. Disasteradio underscores the meditative but challenging gameplay. Vaporwave makes Marbloid stand out from the crowd and emphasizes its start-up metaphor.

An Endless runner with an Exit

We love games you can beat! We love to see the credits roll! Like books or films, it’s a great feeling to finish a game and be able to put it back into the virtual shelf of your beloved games. Because of this, we put a final goal into Marbloid: Collect one billion points! Being an Endless-Runner at its core, we gave the gameplay of Marbloid a unique spin: Along the level the player will encounter holes in the track, the Exits. These are always paired with multiplier-pads right after. As the difficulty ramps up the further the players travel in the world, it’s their decision either to save their collected points, emojis and mission progress by entering the exit and finishing their current run or to go the extra mile and get one more multiplier to grow their yield of points in the quest of making the billion.

Yes – we polish!

We founded Supyrb in 2016 with the tagline “Clever code & stunning style”. This is our maxim to this day and it drove the whole production of Marbloid. We stand in for a high-quality entertainment product which is intuitive and fun to play. We take our audience seriously and put a lot of effort in crafting a game that pleases the users on multiple levels.

Key Art

download Key Art as .zip (75MB)
00_Marbloid Panorama_4K.png
01_Marbloid MarbleVaporwaveHero.png
Marbloid DavidAndEmojisHero.png
Marbloid MagazineHero.png
Marbloid MarbleHandHero.png
Marbloid MultipleMarblesHero.png
Marbloid Tape.png
Marbloid TiltAndTapHero.png
Marbloid VaporwaveHero.png

Screenshots (16:9)

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Screenshots Embedded in Device

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Marbloid_DesignerWave PortalJump 20fpsiPhone8_large.gif
Marbloid_Holopunk Halfpipe 20fpsiPhone_large.gif
Marbloid_MainmenuAndShop 20fpsiPhone8_large.gif
Marbloid_MarbleSkies BalanceCurves 20fpsiPhone8_large.gif
Marbloid_Win93 DownhillWithEmojiMission 20fpsiPhone8_large.gif

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About Supyrb

Founded in 2016 by Andreas Gaschka and Johannes Deml, Supyrb is an independent game studio based in Hamburg,Germany. Our debut title Marbloid will launch winter 2018 on iPhone and iPad. We build with clever code & stunning style

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Andreas Gaschka
creative director
Johannes Deml
technical director
Sven Freiberg
freelance programmer
Fabian Utsch
freelance artist
Tobias Schneider
art intern
Luke Rowell
David Jackman
Michael Fakesch
sound designer
Nikolai von Sallwitz
sound designer

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